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Shisha - the facts
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When things are going great, life’s a breeze. But when things start to go wrong, you may need a helping hand. Looking for support when you’re worried or upset is nothing to be ashamed of, and there are people across Brent who are here to help, advise or just to listen.

Use these pages to learn what to do about the things you’re facing, if necessary, find out what rights you have and feel confident that someone can help.

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Xmas Come Dine With Us (15/12/2015)
Free Christmas Day Meal for All!

Urban lonliness exhibition (29/07/2015)
The first paintings at new Willesden Green Library

Passion & Pride Community Event  (24/07/2015)
Come and Support

Free music project  (26/05/2015)
Half term at Granville